Suno top | organic linen batist

Suno is a loose-fitting top with baroque-like elements, recognizable by the wide pleated puff sleeve and round preformed cuffs

In addition, organic lines provide an elegant and sleek image

Whether you like a classic, romantic or minimalist style, Suno is a sophisticated design that combines easily to all

Made of high-quality transparent organic Belgian linen

Design from 2016

  • Flax
  • Black

This top is made of organic linen

Round silhouette due to the organic lines and 3/4-length sleeves, round neckline with 2 darts at the back

In addition to this linen version, Suno is also available in other materials such like hemp and cotton sweat

Style: Timeless, versatile

Material: 100% Transparent Belgian organic linen, G.O.T.S certified

Colour: Natural

Production: Made in our workshop

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