For me, sustainability is intertwined with an ethical manufactoring method; in design, materials, fit and especially in the production of garments.

My mission is to create thoughtful garments that you can wear for years to come. Timeless design without expiration date and with a good feeling!

Rianne de Witte - Sustainable fashion pioneer since 1994

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Global environmental problems, social inequality, polluting fashion industry and disposable consumption demand much-needed change. The label Rianne de Witte want to contribute to a cleaner world. She develops clothes to make you feel like home. The theme of 'protection' always forms the starting point, inspired by the elegance and beauty of nature. Longlasting garments made with respect for humans, animals and planet. Developed and produced in own studio or small workshops. We work with high quality durable mono fabrics such as certified linen, organic cotton, hemp, mulesing-free wool and animal-friendly silk. In addition, recycled materials are used.

The turtle logo by Rianne de Witte symbolizes the earth, nature, and longevity: the choice for 'slow fashion' and 'slow living'. Read more


Form follows function

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Say NO to Black Friday

Rianne de Witte joins the Fashion Revolution initiative and calls for the discount circus tobe abandoned this weekend. The future of fashion lies in conscious and sustainable buying, not in impulse purchases during mass sales. Make your voice heard, think about the future and choose quality over quantity.
Avoid the Black Friday weekend sales and encourage others to do the same. Support Fashion Revolution in the fight against dumping prices that only lead to overconsumption and mountains of waste.

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