Rianne de Witte creates clothing with a refined finish, wearing comfort and a good fit.
The clothing has a feminine signature and can be recognized by a minimalist style and use of high quality sustainable materials.
At the label Rianne de Witte you will find new designs but especially her classics, timeless designs that have lasted for many years. The clothing is made locally and in our own workshop, has the least possible impact on animals and nature and is ethically manufactured.
The designs arise from an intuitive process in which themes such as humanism, protection and nature often play a role.

Rianne de Witte graduated Cum Laude from the Academy of Visual Arts in Breda (St Joost) and established herself in 1994 as an independent fashion designer with a sustainable label. Environmental problems and pollution from the fashion industry have a major impact on our world. As a future fashion designer she felt involved in this issue and also saw her own responsibility. Since her studies in the early 1990s, she has immersed herself in sustainable design and production in order to contribute to a better world.
Rianne de Witte can be seen as one of the pioneers of sustainability.

kledingontwerper en pionier duurzame mode Rianne de Witte

Photo: Mirella Sahetapy