Minimalist style, natural materials, craftmanship

The fashion label Rianne de Witte can be recognized by a minimalist style, use of natural materials and craftmanship. Respect for humans, animals and planet is the starting point. The symbolic of the turtle depicts this conscious approach: the choice for slow fashion!

A lot of attention is paid to good quality of the fabrics and a perfect fit. The clothing is manufactured in our own studio and at small-scale sewing workshops in the Netherlands. For embroidery in the collection we work together with Wereldwijven in Dordrecht; a multicultural embroidery studio with a social and artisanal character.

Sustainble clothing for all seasons

Fair clothing never get out of fashion. Within the collection you can find items for all seasons. New designs are regularly added, others are replaced or modified. Some designs are permanent and are considered the classics of the brand. A design by Rianne de Witte can be recognized by a minimalist style, quality, refined finish, wearing comfort and a good fit.


In addition to the collection, we also offer tailor-made solutions. It is possible to alter existing designs in your personal measurements. It is also possible to have a design made in a different color or material. All this to make sure that you buy a favorite piece of garment that you can keep wearing for years.

Current fashion system is chronical ill

The current fashion system is chronically ill and poses a worldwide danger to humans, animals and the environment.

• Among other things, there are the larger fashion companies that burn structurally large quantities of unsold clothing due to huge overproduction.

• In 2013, a clothing factory in Bangladesh collapsed with hundreds of deaths. This disaster also revealed the dirty and inhuman conditions of the workers. And called the question: should fashion designers, brands and buyers tolerate such a dubious practices any longer?

• A blind spot within the fast fashion system is the quality of textiles. The substances used are often of such poor quality that the clothing can only be worn for a short time and consumers increasingly have to buy new clothes. The fact that the substances are so weak has everything to do with the cost. Producers often have no choice, the price is the ruler. On the side of the working conditions of textile workers, abuse and exploitation in many countries is more rule than exception.

• Plastic particles of synthetic materials and/or recycled synthetic clothing will end up in the sea via the washing machine. This eventually pollutes the environement while humans and animals get the stuff inside their bodies.

• The waste mountain of textiles is growing and growing. On the other hand, the consumer is brainwashed and tempted to buy 'more' new items, resulting in buying addiction.

We can change it!

Fortunately, global awareness arises that this system is not good. Changes within the clothing industry have started. After the disaster at the clothing factory in Bangladesh, an international platform was set up that provides handles to professionals, brands and consumers around a drastically different approach to the clothing industry and buying clothes (for more info:

Choose well buy less

We advise customers to buy less and to choose consciously.

More and more people realize that we buy way too much stuff. It is a serious need to combat servere pollution and climate change! That's why is is important that you buy less and opt for fair cloths that are been produced in a sustainable way.