Rianne de Witte graduated cum laude at the Sint Joost Academy in Breda and settled as an independent fashion designer with her own label in 1994. Since her studies she has immersed herself in sustainable design and production. Her designs originate from an intuitive process.

There is a visible link with craftmanship, romance and a distant reference to traditional clothing.

Within the collection items for all seasons can be found. Some are new designs, others are being replaced or changed and some designs are permanent and represent classics of the brand. A true Rianne de Witte can be recognized by its exquisite craftmanship, wearing comfort and good fit.

Rianne de Witte works in collaboration with photographer Loet Koreman www.fotoloet.nl   

Models website: Stephanie Cobbaert and Ananda de Jagersustainable fashion by Rianne de Witte, Dutch Fashion Designer