Mouthmask DIY


Mouthmask DIY

Protection plays a role in my inspiration and form language over the years, it also refers to the sustainable theme. Names of previous collections specifically referred to them, such as 'Shelter', 'Fairyskins', 'Arm to hold you' and 'Peace deux pièce'. The coronavirus literally reflects the theme of 'protection' with the design of mouth masks. Under the title 'armadillos' I made a series of mouth masks. The name refers to the armadillo, the animal, and armadillos which means armored people in Spanish and English.

Get started yourself and make your own mouth mask! You can use the pattern and work description of one of the armadillos below.Did it work? Send a selfie with your mouth mask via Facebook or Instagram with the tag #wearmadillos #staysafebyrdw

Be careful!

For creating and using a homemade mouth mask, it is very important to follow certain guidelines*. This mouth mask is only intended for individuals and reduces the risk that you can infect another. You have to work sterile when you make the mask. As soon as you wear a mouth mask, you can no longer touch it on the outside. Wear it for up to three hours. After using the mouth mask to put in a pouch, then wash at least 65 degrees. After packing the washing immediately sterile, and so on.*These mouth masks are not suitable for healthcare professionals and/or do not comply with official health guidelines of the RIVM.

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rianne de witte  white mouthcap rianne de witte

Size L - XL

  mondmasker_05MKP_L_XL_RDW_maart_1 mondmasker_05MKP_L_XL_RDW_maart_2

mondmasker_05MKP_L_XL_RDW_maart_3  mondmasker_05MKP_L_XL_RDW_maart_4



Size S - M

 mondmasker_05MKP_S_M_RDW_maart_1  mondmasker_05MKP_S_M_RDW_maart_2

mondmasker_05MKP_S_M_RDW_maart_3  mondmasker_05MKP_S_M_RDW_maart_4



Description mouthmask_05 / Rianne de Witte 2020

Pattern parts: (including seams)
1.    Front
2.    Siege
3.    lining property

Extra: biaisband, elastic
Version: woven cotton, with lining and space for a filter.

The purpose of this mouth mask is that it is quick and easy to make and forms through folds. It is preferable to limit seams and stitching in mouth masks because the coronavirus can pass through the holes of a stitching.

1. Cut out pattern and material obliquely from wire, and give small cuts of up to 3 mm at the indicated points.
2. Front door; Place the fold at the top and bottom horizontally on the seam, from front to the left side /see clippings.
3. Lining building; Place the fold at the top and bottom horizontally on the seam, from front towards the right side /see clippings.
4. Finish the round side of the siege by means of a zigzag, or lock stitch. Attach the top to the bottom of the front.
5. Stitch the cords with a few stitches on the sides where the direction of the cords are facing towards the middle. 
6. Place the lining part on the front with the good sides inwards and the choirs also towards the middle. Then put the siege on top. Alternatives: Take 2 pieces of narrow elastic of 17 cm and attach it to the sides with a stitch on either side. If you do not like elastic behind your ears then use two lengths of 42cm and attach it from left to right to top and bottom.
7. Stitching part on the front, where you start at the bottom of the right side where 3 layers lie on top of each other, front, lining part and on top of the siege.
8. Lock all sides of the mouthcap, turn it over and iron it. The mouthcap is ready.

Wash the mouthcap at least 65 degrees and iron it before you start using it.
Put a piece of vacuum cleaner filter or paper handkerchief in the mouthcap and store it in a lockable bag for sterile use.

If you are going to wear the mouthcap, follow these instructions:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching the mask.
  • Don't touch the inside of the mask.
  • Use the ends of the ribbons or elastic to manipulate the mask so that your hands stay as far away from your face as possible.

Wear the mask only when needed. On public transport, for example, when home insulation is provided if there are others in the same room or if you have to go outside to visit your GP or pharmacy.

Disclaimer: Rianne de Witte cannot in any way be held liable by third parties for damages caused by the use of the information obtained.