Shop @ Yksi


Shop @ Yksi

Due to the general lockdown temporarily closed.

Rianne de Witte's designs can be found at Yksi expo, the breeding ground for sustainable products and developments on the Strijp in Eindhoven. For Rianne, Yksi is an inspiring environment with like-minded people. A warm environment where she surrounds herself with sustainable materials and a place where serious thought is given to the design field. By and for future generations and in relation to sustainability within product development.

Yksi is the place where Rianne de Witte exhibited for the first time 27 years ago and sold her work as a recently graduated designer. Rianne is delighted with her return to this 'embassy for recycling' and her own presentation space, where mainly her recyclable mono-materials such as hemp, linen and organic cotton can be found. less but better Leonne Cuppens, initiator behind Yksi, is charmed by Rianne's designs. “Sustainability is central to the clothing designs with the question: how can we consume less?

Rianne is convinced that it is not just about sustainable design and products: we have to make less stuff and consume less. The challenge for designers is to make better and recyclable products responsibly.” Rianne de Witte: ”The design world faces interesting challenges. Nice to be surrounded by a new generation of promising designers at Yski.”